Wee colour chart: What YOUR urine colour says about your health

Don’t self diagnose, your GP or practice nurse can check your urine to see what is in it.

Dr Lee explained: “They do this by dipping a special dipstick into a urine sample.

“The urine dipstick as a number of coloured squares at one end, and when dipped into the urine, these change colour depending on what is in it.

“The stick can be easily compared to a colour chart to give instant results.

“Urine dipsticks test for the presence of glucose, blood, protein, ketones, urobilinogen, bilirubin, urobilinogen, leucocyte esterase and nitrites.”

In general, the colour and smell of your urine can give you a clue about your health before you see your GP.

Here’s what YOUR urine says about your health, according to Dr Lee.

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