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'We're being shelled to shreds': British woman trapped in Sudan tells of harrowing ordeal

News'We're being shelled to shreds': British woman trapped in Sudan tells of harrowing ordeal

A British Sudanese woman trapped in the warzone has described what conditions are like claiming everyone is being “shelled to shreds”. Rozan Ahmed travelled to Sudan to attend her cousin’s funeral nine days ago. For almost all of those days, the country has been gripped by intense fighting in a civil war that has seen hundreds dead.

Khartoum, where Ms Ahmed is staying, has been the hardest hit by the clashes, with many people trapped in their homes.

Speaking to Sky News from Khartoum on Saturday afternoon, Ms Ahmed said: “I have been hiding under my bed for the last six hours, the area where I stay has been shelled to shreds.

“I have heard nothing but explosions and gunfire, and shelling screams for the past six hours.

“Only now has it died down. On top of that, we have to deal with the fact that there are rogue soldiers walking around our streets, randomly raiding our homes, and then we don’t have water.”

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The United Nations reports that over 400 people have been killed in the battle between the Rapid Support Forces paramilitary and the army. At least 3,500 have been injured in the violence, which started on 15 April.

Ms Ahmed is a British-Sudanese writer and activist who is usually based in London and Dubai.

She said that the situation has been the same for the past seven days and has only been kept alive “by the grace of God” and the family members she is with.

She said she and the family she is staying with are grateful to still be alive but are “mentally devastated” and scared to the point of going “numb”.

She also revealed that while she still has food, her household doesn’t have any more water, which stopped running seven days ago, or electricity.

Ms Ahmed is also questioning why the British Embassy hasn’t reached out to her about evacuation.

She added she “should be aware” if there are any “logistical issues, airspace problems”.

“I should be updated as to why, seven days later I am here.”

She also expressed concern that the conflict taking place in an African nation may have impacted the perceived slowness of the British Government to act to protect its nationals.

She said that it is a “shame” she isn’t from Ukraine and that Sudan isn’t a “Eurocentric country” and that if she wasn’t in an African country, her life would’ve been treated with more “worth and value”.

She also used her conversation with Sky News to plea for foreign intervention, calling for the world to put pressure on the country to demand a ceasefire.

Her comments came hours after Rishi Sunak announced an emergency COBRA meeting to discuss plans to get British diplomats and citizens out the country.

The UK Government said it is “doing everything possible” to help British nationals stuck in Sudan as the fighting continues.

A UK Government spokesman said: “We recognise that the situation is extremely concerning for British nationals trapped by the fighting in Sudan.

“We are doing everything possible to support British nationals and diplomatic staff in Khartoum, and the Ministry of Defence is working with the Foreign Office to prepare for a number of contingencies.”

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