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What Is a Woman doc closes in on 180 million views after Elon Musk uncensors Twitter film

NewsWhat Is a Woman doc closes in on 180 million views after Elon Musk uncensors Twitter film

It’s been over a year since Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh released his What Is a Woman? documentary on the conservative streaming platform.

Just last week the outlet launched the controversial documentary on gender and transgender issues via Twitter, despite being asked by the platform to remove scenes involving “misgendering”.

Daily Wire refused and the film was granted limited visibility due to the possibility of being “hateful” and Elon Musk was called out by fans for not living up to his pledge of Twitter being a free speech platform.

The billionaire soon intervened, removing the censoring of the movie and reassuring the filmmakers that the controversy would drive viewership.

He even tweeted it out himself and called on all parents to watch the movie that Walsh has received death threats for making and promoting.

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Over just a couple of days, What Is a Woman surpassed 170 million views on Twitter, which Musk claims is a conservative estimate.

He tweeted: “View count is actually understated, as it does not include anything from our API, for example tweets you see in Google search results or on Bloomberg terminals.”

The documentary, which will soon surpass 180 million views, has also been praised by Piers Morgan, who told Walsh on TalkTV: “Congratulations on having this monster film, you’re bigger than Spielberg right now.” In fact, he isn’t far off.

If What Is a Woman was released in cinemas and each view counted as one ticket, it would have surpassed Spielberg’s Jurassic Park on 177 million tickets worldwide. The 1993 made over $1 billion at the box office and was the highest-grossing movie of all time for a period.

Of course, Walsh’s documentary is free, which helps. But considering more than each “view” is one person minimum shows how widespread interest in the film is. For comparison, 19.3 million people watched the last episode of Game of Thrones and 27.3 million watched President Biden’s latest State of the Union.

Daily Wire has followed up What Is a Woman with a retrospective reunion film, which can be watched above.

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