‘Where do you draw the line?’ Prince Harry's UK security fears spark Invictus Games worry


‘Where do you draw the line?’ Prince Harry's UK security fears spark Invictus Games worry

ITV's Royal Editor Chris Ship looked at the security issues involving Prince Harry which are preventing him from visiting the UK and noted the Duke

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ITV’s Royal Editor Chris Ship looked at the security issues involving Prince Harry which are preventing him from visiting the UK and noted the Duke of Sussex may have similar problems in the near future. Harry is expected to visit the Netherlands in a few months’ time to attend the Invictus Games and was also predicted to make a stopover in the UK while making the journey. But Mr Ship remarked the security issue in the UK could easily apply to the Netherlands also and wanted to know where was “the line” for Harry’s safety concerns.

Speaking on ITV’s Royal Rota podcast, Mr Ship and producer Lizzie Robinson reflected on Harry’s security concerns in the UK.

Ms Robinson explained the background and said: “During [the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue] when he was over here, he attended a charity event.

“And he says his security was compromised due to the absence of police protection whilst leaving a charity event.”

Mr Ship reflected on the story but wondered what would happen to Harry for the upcoming Invictus Games.

He added: “Because [Prince Harry] claims that the British police will have access to intelligence and the kind of things that his privately funded US security won’t have.

“But then again, couldn’t you say that about when he goes the Netherlands for the Invictus Games?

“Is he going to bring his own security or is he going to ask for the Netherlands government to pay for his security that he’ll pay them back?”

Ms Robinson remarked: “I mean, where does he draw the line?”

She added until the security situation is resolved then it is unlikely that Harry or Meghan will visit the UK.

Harry launched a judicial review against the Home Office after his request to pay for police protection was denied.

Legal representative from the Duke of Sussex warn he and his family have been targeted by groups and that they fear for their safety should they visit the UK.

Harry has asked for police protection which would also grant him access to intelligence to protect his family – but this was denied.

The Duke is predicted to make a visit to the UK near the launch of the Invictus Games in The Hague, the Netherlands which is due to begin on April 16.

Prince Philip’s memorial service is expected to be held around that time as the royal consort died on April 9.


Former royal protection officer, Ken Wharfe, noted Harry had an option available to him to avoid publicity over his security woes.

Speaking on Palace Confidential, Mr Whafe explained the Duke of Sussex “still had contacts” in Buckingham Palace who could arrange a liaison officer for him.

The officer would be able to act as a mediator between Prince Harry and the wider royal security detail.

He added: “Now, if that happened, we probably wouldn’t be discussing that now because it would have been in place and everything would have worked.

“But to make this request at relatively short notice and without any warning, you know, threatening this legal action I think has confused himself if I’m honest.”

Royal expert Rafe Heydel-Mankoo told GB News that Harry could learn from Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice who have their own private security.

He explained: “If there were a real security risk for Prince Harry, our intelligence services would, of course, take action. We have to remember that and they aren’t going to simply let that information not go unnoticed.

“And then, of course, you could expect Scotland Yard to take the necessary action…

“[Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice] hire ex-royal protection officers who are extremely skilled and have a lot of history in this area and they’ve also got security clearance in the royal palaces.

“And if Prince Harry speaks very nicely to Beatrice and Eugenie, maybe he can borrow their protection officers when he’s in the country.

“And of course, we’re only talking about the occasions when he’s not in royal surroundings because if Harry’s over here, visiting his family, you will, of course, get the same protection that they’re getting by virtue of being in the same area.”