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Woman divorces husband after he admits 'settling' for her 'but wanted her best friend'

NewsWoman divorces husband after he admits 'settling' for her 'but wanted her best friend'

A woman has gone viral after sharing the heartbreaking explanation behind how her marriage of 10 years reached the point of divorce.

The wife, known only as Amber, posted her story on Reddit’s True Off My Chest Forum, and said she’d met her husband when she was 18. Along with her best friend Sarah, the three had become an unlikely trio. Sarah eventually got a boyfriend and Amber and her now-husband started spending more time together. She said she’d always had a crush on him and eventually he confessed to having feelings too.

She says they soon started dating and got married when they were 22 years old. Meanwhile, Sarah got married to someone else and they all remained friends, reports the Mirror. That was, until one night last year, when Sarah and her partner came over for dinner, and Amber’s husband made a shocking admission in front of everyone.

She explained: “We had invited my best friend and her husband around for dinner and we were joking about the things we got up to and my husband brought up how he always had a crush on my best friend and then she got a boyfriend so he settled for me instead.

“When I tell you my whole world just came crashing down. I realised my marriage of 10 years was him settling for second best. That I was never his first option. After that everything he did just started to annoy me and he just stopped being attractive to me anymore. We haven’t slept together in six months because I feel so disgusted. I just want out. I feel like I’ve wasted my life. I’m disappointed in him and myself for believing I was the one he liked.”

Amber later updated her post to share that she had spent six months trying to understand what had happened and had been asking him to answer her questions, but he refused to talk about it.

And then out of the blue, she received a message from Sarah’s husband asking if she knew where his wife was.

She adds: “Can we guess where she is? SHE IS AT MY F***ING HOUSE WITH MY F***ING HUSBAND! What weird f***ing universe am I living in? Anyway, I’m leaving and taking all my stuff with me. My mum will have to put up with me for a while. Divorce is definitely happening.”

The post was shared last year but has recently resurfaced online after it was read out on the Two Hot Takes podcast and on TikTok. In the video, the host also told how the husband had reportedly shared his own Reddit post in response to his wife’s one, claiming he had “destroyed” his marriage with a stupid comment and a one-night stand.

The man writes that Sarah had been his “dream girl” but she wasn’t interested in him, so he eventually moved on and fell for Amber even though he admits he’d previously never “thought much of her”. He goes on to claim that he found their life “boring” and that is why he snapped when Sarah and her husband came over for dinner as he was jealous of their happiness.

When he found out Amber was going to divorce him, he claims Sarah came over to try and help resolve the situation and one thing led to another. He added: “Now both our marriages are ruined. I regret it so much and I just wish I could take it all back.”

The Two Hot Takes clip went viral, being watched over two million times and garnering over 260,000 likes, with thousands taking the time to comment and share their thoughts

One person said: “10 years of her life gone, what a sad story.”

Another replied: “She should leave and find a new friend as well.”

A third posted: “He’s not sorry he did it, he’s sorry he got caught.”

Someone else added: “The dude was so ambivalent about her, he couldn’t even bother working on the relationship for a milisecond. I’d be livid if I were her.”

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