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Woman has 'full-body' orgasm during classical concert: 'Pure physical joy!'

NewsWoman has 'full-body' orgasm during classical concert: 'Pure physical joy!'

Music is known to provoke the widest range of emotions, from sadness to giddy happiness but one concertgoer reportedly experienced orgasmic ecstasy during the performance of Tchaikovsky’s work.

Several attendees emerged from the LA Philarmonic’s show last Friday claiming to have heard a woman seemingly orgasm as the orchestra reached the peak of the composition.

Taking to social media and local papers, attendees said they caught the “wonderfully timed” conclusion of the woman’s experience as the symphony hit a “romantic swell.”

Molly Grant, who was sitting next to the woman who allegedly experienced the orgasm, said: “Everyone kind of turned to see what was happening.”

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She told The Los Angeles Times: “I saw the girl after it had happened, and I assume that she… had an orgasm because she was heavily breathing, and her partner was smiling and looking at her—like in an effort to not shame her.”

Attendee Magnus Fiennes wrote on Twitter: “Went to see @LAPhil play @Thomasades and Tchaikovsky 5 last night.

“A woman in the audience had loud and full body orgasm during the 5th’s second movement… Band politely carried on. Props to LAPhil (and Pytor Ilyich) for bringing it on….”

Fiennes added: “I ran all possible scenarios, Tourettes even. Was in close proximity and had no less than 8 other friends coincidentally attending- all had reached a similar conclusion.

“She remained for the rest of the show, Her demeanour was in evidence. My corroborated take is merely an observation. Respect maintained.”

Classical KUSC presenter Bruan Lauritzen said to have spoken to “multiple members” of the orchestra who confirmed the incident.

He said: “This concert is part of the KUSC series, but I doubt this particular moment will be approved for broadcast.

“I spoke with Elim Chan + Leila Josefowicz + multiple members of the orch today. Can confirm this definitely happened & is accurately described here.”

Classical pianist Sharon Su said she also had the incident confirmed by members of the LA Philarmonic.

She wrote on Twitter: “I checked with someone who works at the LA Phil and they confirmed: 1) this happened 2) the orchestra did not stop playing 3) it was during Tchaikovsky’s 5th.”

A clip claiming to be of the moment the woman reached her peak has been circulating on social media. Attendees said the sound in the video resembled the one they heard during the concert.

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