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Woman quits beauty salon job to make £7,000 a month as ‘full-time witch’

NewsWoman quits beauty salon job to make £7,000 a month as ‘full-time witch’

A woman, from Swansea, Wales, left her job as a beautician to pursue her side hustle as a witch full-time.

Thanks to this decision, Jessica Caldwell, 29, is making around £7,000 per month, the equivalent of around $8,825.79.

Ms Caldwell is the owner of Sparkles and Skulls Witchcraft and provides Tarot card readings to her clients, as well as other mystical services.

She began her “spiritual awakening” doing readings for friends and family as a side hustle before making it as a business.

The 29-year-old discovered her love of witchcraft online and went on to monetise it.

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She explained: “Around Boxing Day, I was on a Facebook group, having a little look, and I came across some spiritual post and I was like this is a gift that I really wish I had.

“I had what’s known as a spiritual awakening so I delved into crystals I went on a bit of a shopping spree. It was just something that I’d always intuitively wanted to get into.

“I decided to start practising for friends and family on Facebook. I had tonnes of people let me practice on them for free.

“It turns out I was incredibly intuitive and I was getting names and I was getting these things coming up that were actually probably more scary to me than it was for them.”

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According to Ms Caldwell, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed her to rethink her career.

A conversation with a customer convinced her to take her side hustle to the next level to help pay her bills.

Ms Caldwell added: “I was working as a beautician in the salon self-employed. I remember the day Covid hit and they announced the lockdown.

“I said, ‘How am I going to make any money? How am going to pay my bills?’

“One of my customers said to me, “You’ve got loads of interest with your Tarot practice. Why don’t you just charge £5 per reading.”

Taking on this suggestion, Ms Caldwell became a “full-time witch” and is brining in £7,000 per month as a result.

She works around 10 hours per day but is able to pick when she wants to work and can work remotely.

The former beautician added: “I was getting probably 10 to 30 readings a day, which was really hard going on your energy, and that was all through Covid.

“I was making enough to kind of pay my bills. I then decided by January of the following year, that I was going to leave and I was able to do it full-time.

“I created my Instagram account which is known as Sparkles and Skull Witchcraft and it’s just growing and blossoming.”

She also shared that the decision to make a living through Tarot has changed her life and hopes more women consider it.

She said: “I do always encourage other women to give it a try. I’ve been on such a journey of discovery.”

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