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Woman shares a terrifying warning about burning scented candles

NewsWoman shares a terrifying warning about burning scented candles

A woman has issued a terrifying warning about scented candles after being taken to hospital.

TikTok user Emy Moore had been burning five candles in her room for a number of hours before she went to bed. As she blew them out, she felt her body “dropping”.

“I started to lose sense of myself,” she said in the clip, adding she was “tripping”.

“I heard this voice saying something is wrong and I got up and my chest was so caved in and my heart was just going, going, going,” she recalled.

“I woke up my parents like, ‘I need to go to the hospital’,” she shared.

When she got to the hospital, she kept being told it was anxiety but she knew it was more.

Emy felt severely dehydrated and confused as well as having double vision, shortness of breath, chest pains, dizziness, and headaches.

She was “obnoxiously” shaking “head to toe”, had very high blood pressure and was forgetful.

“After I would say something, I forgot what I just said, and I would just keep forgetting stuff,” she recalled. “I would forget how to speak.”

“So they get me into a room, I’m telling them about the candles, and once I told them how long I had them lit for, and that I blew them out right before I went to sleep,” she said.

“They’re like, oh, you could have, for sure gotten carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Candles produce CO2, when there are multiple lit in a room, the amount of CO2 increases and can be a threat to health. Emy’s symptoms went away after a few hours on oxygen.

“Moral of the story, I will never be using scented candles ever,” she finished, saying that she could have died.

“Your health really matters. Priorities your health. Don’t take things for granted. And just take care of yourself. I will do a better job.’”

The TikTok has been viewed more than 790,000 times and has over 105,000 likes.

Other social media users were shocked and thanked Emy for sharing her story.

“I literally had no idea you can get carbon monoxide poisoning from candles,” one user shared.

Another agreed “Yes! I have been telling people to swap their candles for diffusers instead!”

One user said Emy could have saved her life, saying: “I didn’t know this could happen, thank you for spreading your story. You probably saved my life.”

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