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Woman slams 'ignorant' neighbour as feud sparked by him using her garden tap

NewsWoman slams 'ignorant' neighbour as feud sparked by him using her garden tap

A furious woman saw her “water usage skyrocketed” after she found out her “ignorant” neighbour has been using her garden tap for months without asking. 

It was after returning home from a long shift that she discovered her elderly neighbour washing his two cars, using her water spigot, according to The Mirror. 

In a Reddit post, she explained how she confronted her neighbour about the situation after which he confessed he had been using it for months. She claims he refused to stop using her tap, which is connected to her water metre, saying he does not have his own. Though the woman’s landlord says otherwise. 

She said the incident has caused her to struggle with anxiety as she “almost had a panic attack”, adding that she “no longer trusts [her] neighbour”. 

She writes: “I asked my landlord how to ensure that this will not continue happening when me and my partner are gone at work (usually 5 days a week, 12/13 hours a day with commute) and my landlord just said that he will talk to my neighbour about it,” the woman explained.

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“I bought a spigot lock and master lock on Amazon, I just wish it came ASAP. I just can’t believe that people are this fr***en ignorant.”

She noticed her recorded water usage had “skyrocketed” recently and that if “we go over a certain amount of water per month then we have to pay”. 

Reacting to her problem, commenters told her to “shut the water off” to stop him from using her garden tap. 

One suggested: “Shut the water off to your side of the house before you go to work. Can’t use what isn’t turned on.”

But the woman replied: “Our outside water shut off is right next to theirs and if they had the tool or wrench they could just turn it back on without us knowing.”

She added: “I just hope the spigot lock will work and we won’t find it broken off. I really want to keep a good relationship with the neighbours but I don’t put up with b*****t especially when it comes to my money being involved. I just hate that people feel so entitled.”

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