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Woman 'speaks to dead animals' full time after quitting corporate role

NewsWoman 'speaks to dead animals' full time after quitting corporate role

'Pet communicator'  Danielle Mackinnon

‘Pet communicator’ Danielle Mackinnon (Image: SWNS)

Meet the pet communicator who claims she can “speak to dead animals” – and made the talent her job after the furry friends “told” her to leave her corporate role.

Danielle Mackinnon, 51, always felt “connected” to her pets but says her family and friends “didn’t believe” she could speak to animals in the afterlife.  It wasn’t until her dog at the time, Bella, a chocolate labrador, got sick and friends suggested she saw a pet psychic that Danielle realised her skills were “real”.

The psychic told Danielle and her husband, Kevin, 52, a hydrogeologist, their dog was telling him he had an upset stomach after eating corn cobs – which Danielle said was true.  Danielle said the moment “changed her life” and it pushed her to train as a pet communicator.

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Pet comms

A psychic told Danielle and her husband Kevin that their dog was telling them he had a stomach upset (Image: SWNS)

She started providing readings to pet owners alongside her marketing job and took the plunge to quit her former role entirely after animals she met told her to.

Now Danielle helps owners understand what their living pets are trying to say and reconnects them with ones that have passed away.  Danielle, from York, Maine, US, said: “The animals were telling me to leave the job.

“It was scary. I was afraid.  I ended up losing my job and took it as a sign to take the business full time.

“A lot of people ask to reconnect with their pet when they pass over.  The messages animals like to give to humans are like – ‘I saw you the other day working in a blue top’.

“They talk about humans lives to show they are still around.  It provides a lot of closure.

“I just need a name to connect. It’s even possible with ‘my dog’.”

Growing up Danielle had always felt a “connection” with animals. She said: “I felt like I knew what they were thinking and what they wanted.

comms pet

Danielle took her pet psychic business full time in 2005 (Image: SWNS)

“I would know when my dog wanted to go out.”

After meeting a fellow pet psychic in 2000, Danielle took classes with him to be able to run her own readings.  She finally took her business full time in 2005 after she lost her marketing job.

Now she spends her days connecting with people’s pets and often helps them speak to the animals which have passed away.

Danielle said owners often ask her how they know if their pet loves them.

She said: “They love everybody.  It can look like a dog loves someone more.

“The stare they give – it’s usually just them looking at you and showing love.  It’s not based on how many hugs you give them, or treats you give them.

“It’s based on their intuitive connection to you because they can feel the love in your heart.  

“They love everybody. They have mastered unconditional love.”

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Danielle said people also often ask if their pet is mad at them.   She said: “So many people worry they are harbouring a grudge.

“They don’t hold grudges.

“They know everything about our lives.  A cat can be standoffish until you chill out.  They use their behaviour and love with us.”

Danielle said our pets can tune into our emotions and will know when we are holding them back with them.

She said: “They tune into our emotions all the time.  They are so psychic – even when we try and hide it.

“If we don’t want our dog to know we are upset we might hide it.  They know when you’re pretending.

pet whisperer

Danielle Mackinnon, 51, said she always felt ‘connected’ to her pets (Image: SWNS)

“They want us to be transparent with our feelings.  If we’re not it feels untrustworthy to them.”

Danielle said her rescue dog, Tuukka, nearly nine, a mixed grey pyrenees, will tiptoe away out of the room if she and Kevin are having an argument.  She said: “My dog will tiptoe and walk away if my husband and I are having an argument.

“So many pets get excited when humans hug. A hug is a certain energy and the animal tap into that.  They want to be a part of that.”

Danielle speaks to animals who have died, and owners often ask if their deceased pet will be OK with them getting a new one.

She said: “When pets cross over they want us to carry on our relationship with animals.  They work behind the scenes to get the next animals to us. They act like travel agents.”

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