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Woman's photo goes viral after friends spot unfortunate reflection in mirror

NewsWoman's photo goes viral after friends spot unfortunate reflection in mirror

A woman’s post on Instagram has created a stir online after she failed to spot a very unfortunate reflection in the mirror behind her. Connie White, from Falkirk, Scotland, posed for a photo wearing a red dress and standing in front of a mirror at her flat on Saturday night, before sharing the photo to social media.

However, soon the 22-year-old realised that there was something off about the image.

The mirror behind Connie reflected the back of her ankle and foot to appear in between her legs.

The image caused some people to double-take as they thought it resembled something far more inappropriate.

Soon, the photo was flooded with a series of comments and messages.

Being a great sport and fully embracing the hilarious photo fail, Connie shared the photo on Twitter with the caption: “Can’t believe I posted this on Instagram and someone commented about how it looked like a had a d**k in between my legs.”

The photo racked up more than 23,000 likes and 1,200 retweets, leaving other users in hysterics, reported Mirror.

Some are still baffled about what the reflection was after reading Connie’s reply.

In the comment section, she told them it was simply the back of her leg.

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One commented to say: “Yes I spotted it now after about a minute looking.

“Yes they’re right, it looks like a big one alright.”

A second wrote: “Connie, should have said – obviously it’s funny when you notice the ‘penis’ but you’re a stunning girl.

“Well done for sharing this – so many girls wouldn’t do so they’d be too embarrassed!”

And Connie replied to say: “Thank u so much. Too funny not to share x.”

Another added: “When you see it, then can’t unsee it.”

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