Workout recovery diet: 5 foods to eat if you've recently started working out


Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce muscle soreness and prevent inflammation, which often occurs after overtraining.

Hal explained: “This is thanks to curcumin, the main nutrient found in turmeric.

“Curcumin is the special ingredient that makes turmeric so effective at supporting recovery.

“However, turmeric isn’t always easy to incorporate into everyday meals, and it can be hard to find different ways to include it in recipes.

“It can also be difficult for your body to absorb the vital curcumin properly without a ‘helper’, like black pepper.

“This means that trying to cram turmeric into your daily meals might not be the most efficient way of getting your fix.”

Taking turmeric shots, such as the shots from The Tumeric Co, are a much simpler way to ensure that you’re getting enough turmeric in your diet.

Turmeric shots are easily absorbed by your body, meaning you can quickly start enjoying the recovery benefits.

No preparation or cooking is needed – just drink the shot, and enjoy the natural power!

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