‘Works very quickly!’ Gardening expert shares how to ‘control’ weeds on your lawn

Horticulturalist Adam Pasco shared his tips to achieve a “great-looking lawn”. Over the summer months, a well-manicured lawn is the perfect place to relax. But often, lawns can be riddled with problems including weeds, moss and bare patches.

“Once the area is marked out, you can use the product itself.”

Due to the chemical nature of the product he used, Adam recommended wearing gloves.

He also said to ensure you read the instructions carefully as you only need to use a small amount.

The product Adam used was Verve Lawn feed, weed & moss killer.

You can buy 14kg for £4 from B&Q which can be used for 400 m².

Adam continued: “I know a small handful is about all I need to treat a square metre of grass all I’m going to do is sprinkle this on very, very finely over the lawn surface.

“Try not to leave any clumps. Sprinkle it on one way then move around the other way.

“Again, very evenly apply the product right the way over the surface.

“Now we’ve got to keep pets and children and animals off the lawn which has been freshly applied with chemicals.

“If it doesn’t rain then we’re going to need to water in that chemical so get yourself a watering can and just water it in to make sure it’s soaked down.”

Once the chemical has been “washed down” then the area should be safe to use, according to Adam.

“The chemical itself gets to work very, very quickly and you’ll find that the moss killer will blacken off the moss but weeds should be controlled and the fertiliser will give the grass a new growth.

“When you’ve got the dead moss in there which looks a bit black again get your rake out, rake it out and the job is done.”

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