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'Wounded animal' Putin 'more dangerous than ever' as vital Russian hub erupts in flames

News'Wounded animal' Putin 'more dangerous than ever' as vital Russian hub erupts in flames

He told Daily Express US: “Putin remains an extremely dangerous figure.

“He has been weakened somewhat in recent months by the setbacks in Ukraine and the attempted coup by the Wagner Group, but he is still an extraordinarily dangerous figure and we should never underestimate him.

“I suspect we will have to face the threat from Putin for several more years, at least, as long as he is alive.

“We must not underestimate what we are dealing with in terms of the Putin regime.

“Quite often, wounded animals are more dangerous, and Putin fits that dynamic.”

The warning comes after a massive explosion rocked an area outside Moscow earlier today, prompting fears the Chkalovsky military airfield may have fallen victim to yet another attack.

Last week, the airfield suffered a devastating assault, resulting in the destruction of multiple aircraft.

But now preliminary reports have indicated a powerful explosion occurred on or near the Chkalovsky military airfield, located some 30km northeast of Moscow.

The Chkalovsky airfield is critically important for Putin as it serves as a strategic hub for the Russian armed forces. It is home to numerous aircraft, including fighter jets and cargo planes.

Russian authorities have not yet issued an official statement regarding casualties or the extent of the damage caused by today’s explosion.

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