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You have the eye of cunning detective if you can find culprit in this brainteaser

NewsYou have the eye of cunning detective if you can find culprit in this brainteaser

Using hard brain teasers, puzzles, or optical illusions on a daily basis is a wonderful way to preserve mental agility and overall brain health.

As with regular physical activity, solving puzzles that test your cognitive abilities can improve your mental functioning and retain your mental sharpness.

So, if you’re looking for something to do today to challenge your mind, why not try this very sophisticated brain teaser? Examine the image below and identify the person in the shop who took someone’s wallet.

Three of the four people depicted are telling the truth, while one is deceiving you. Can you figure out who the perpetrator is?

There are four persons in the image, and only one of them is making up an alibi.

The mother with the baby claims she couldn’t have grabbed the wallet because she was “watching her child,” while the man with the camera claims he was “taking photos.”

The cashier claims that she couldn’t have stolen the wallet since she was “already assisting the next customer,” while the pilot uses his “poor eyesight” as an alibi, claiming he “didn’t witness anything.”

Do you know who the thief is? It may appear complicated at first, but there is a simple and logical solution.

If you need a hint, carefully examine each assertion and identify which one cannot be true.

We’re about to reveal the solution, so if you’re still trying to figure it out, please stop scrolling!

The person wearing the pilot’s uniform is the one who stole the wallet.

Given the nature of being a pilot, bad eyesight is unthinkable, as it would hinder their ability to operate an aircraft properly. As a result, this assertion is unquestionably untrue.

Were you successful in resolving it? Please share your discoveries in the comments area.

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